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Who we are

Hannah and Kieran!


We believe anyone can help to solve important issues of the world such as plastic waste. By choosing alternatives you can continue to live the lifestyle you are used to, without harming the planet. This is true for anything from transport and food to home products.

Working in big city, corporate offices didn't suit us too well, so we made the decision to set up a small business to design and sustainably source these alternatives!


We developed Blue Mangu whilst living in New Zealand (Aotearoa), whilst being inspired by some of the most amazing natural beauty this planet offers. You may therefore  find some Maori (Te Reo) words coming through in our company and product names.

Our aim

It only takes a few small steps to adjust our habits towards more conscious consumerism, for our planet to be better protected.

We have an abundance of product ideas which are useful, beautiful and reduce damage done to the environment. We need conscious consumers like yourselves to develop these and get them out to mass market, making sustainable products the norm rather than the niche.

We all know the problems associated with our addiction to plastics, and the huge damage being done to our planet. This is our first focus at Blue Mangu!


We have found bamboo to be the most amazing material and can be used as a replacement for so many things. We are currently exploring these uses and redesigning products to incorporate it. 

A few fun bamboo facts...

  • Bamboo is not a tree but a type of flowering grass

  • Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide compared to other plants

  • Panda's diet is based on bamboo exclusively, while mountain gorilla and lemurs of the Madagascar eat bamboo to enrich their regular diet

  • Bamboo can survive more than 120 years in the wild

Our first product PANDA STRAWS was developed with the relevant issue of single use plastic straw damage in mind. Reusable, natural, sustainable and of course biodegradable straws which are great for the kids or for giving that cocktail an extra twist.


Another 'super material' we came across was beeswax. It is an all natural, antibacterial, antifungal, edible, moisturising, ecofriendly product which can have multiple applications, without hurting the honey bee which produces it.

A few beeswax facts...

  • Beeswax has been used since the beginning of civilization. It has been recovered from ancient tombs, sunken Viking ships and Roman ruins

  • Beeswax has been reported to stimulate the pituitary gland which increases creativity, intuition, and dream activity

  • Beeswax never goes bad and it has numerous uses

  • Bees are amazing creatures - they travel over 60,000 kilometers and pollinate over 2 million flowers to produce less than 1 pound of pure beeswax

We have a product that incorporates the wax with cotton cloths to create reusable, sustainable food covers! Forget using cling film or throw away plastic sandwich bags. From now on you can have a beautiful, eco friendly food cover that keeps your food fresh and reduce domestic plastic waste.


Many more products to come as we continue to grow!

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